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Lighthouse is one of the largest and most prestigious and diverse financial advice firms in the UK and has been listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange since 2000. The Group is the preferred provider of financial advice to 23 affinity groups whose aggregate membership is circa 7 million and provides financial advice, planning and solutions to both businesses and individuals, right across the UK. Lighthouse Group launched Luceo Asset Management and a range of Luceo Funds in October 2016, designed to further enhance the advice process and deliver consistent customer outcomes within an entirely appropriate investment risk framework.

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Share Price & Portal

Details of our current share price and Shareholder Portal

The share portal is an online service enabling you to quickly and easily access and maintain your shareholding online, reducing the need for paperwork and providing 24 hour access for your convenience. Through the share portal you may:

  • Cast your proxy vote online
  • View your holding balance and get an indicative valuation
  • View movements on your holding
  • View the dividend payments you have received
  • Update your address
  • Access information on employee holdings
  • Register and change bank mandate instructions so that dividends can be paid directly to your bank account
  • Elect to receive shareholder communication electronically
  • Access a wide range of shareholder information including the ability to download shareholder forms

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Link Asset Services is our registrar and they offer many services to make managing your shareholding easier and more efficient. For more shareholder information and contact details please click here to view more information.

Events Calendar & FAQ

30 June – Financial half year | 31 December – Financial year end.

Where can I obtain a copy of the Report and Accounts? The full year accounts and the half-year report are posted directly to shareholders. Otherwise, you can order them from the London Stock Exchange website, or by contacting

What do I do if I lose my share certificate? You can obtain a duplicate from the registrars. A fee will be charged by the registrars for the issue of a duplicate certificate.

I receive more than one copy of the Report and Accounts, what should I do? This occurs if you hold two blocks of shares in slightly different names. To correct this please write to the registrars giving them details and they will then consolidate your shareholding in one block.

What happens if a shareholder dies? Inform the registrar and send a certified copy of the Death Certificate together with the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. Once this has been done the deceased’s personal representatives will be substituted on the share register whilst the estate is administered and will continue to receive all dividends.

Who do I inform if I move house or change my name? If you move house please write to the registrar and inform them of your old address and your new address. If you change your name please inform the registrar of your former name and your new name and send them, if appropriate, a copy of the official document confirming this. Further information is available from our Registrars.

How can I find out what my present shareholding is? This information can be obtained from our Registrars. You will need to identify yourself to obtain this information.

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