Is equity release a conventional way to fund retirement?

Is equity release a conventional way to fund retirement?

Just a few years ago the answer to this question would probably have been no, but with equity release products now some of the most highly regulated in the UK and with the country’s ageing population looking for ways to raise money in later life it is not surprising that the industry is growing in terms of the number of products.

The Autumn 2018 Market Report from the Equity Release Council (ERC), highlighted that the equity release sector has doubled in size since the first half of 2016 and that property is now recognised by some as being vital for their retirement. As the value of property has increased in parts of the country, so retirement ages have also risen creating a need to release cash from the property in order to fund anything from home improvements, debts, supplement retirement income, or to support children and grandchildren as they buy homes of their own.

How can I release money from my home?

As long as you are over 55 and own your home, there are two ways you can release money without having to sell your property or make monthly repayments. The first is a lifetime mortgage which allows you to borrow money against the value of your home, which is repayable with interest when you die or move into long term care. The second is known as a home reversion plan and it gives you access to some or all of the value of your home, allowing you to live in the property rent-free for the rest of your life.

If you are at this stage in life and find yourself property-rich but cash-poor, it may make sense to explore these options. It is a big decision to make and not one you should make alone. Talking to one of our professional financial advisers will give you the assurance that you are receiving all relevant information and industry safeguards. Your adviser will thoroughly review your financial circumstances and be able to advise whether equity release is suitable for you. If it is, they will discuss the most appropriate way of releasing your equity and address any concerns you may have such as Inheritance Tax implications. 

Important Information: Equity release may involve a lifetime mortgage or a home reversion plan. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration. Equity release may not be right for everyone. It may affect your entitlement to state benefits and will reduce the value of your estate. Check that this mortgage will meet your needs if you want to move or sell your home or want your family to inherit it. If you are in any doubt, seek specialist advice.

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