Lighthouse Group plc: A very healthy 26% increase to EBITDA

Lighthouse Group’s CEO Malcolm Streatfield talks to DirectorsTalk about the interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2018. Malcolm discusses the highlights for the first half of the year, how LFA and affinity partners are progressing and the strategy for LFA. Malcolm also explains about how the second half of the year has started and the expectations for the year.

Lighthouse Group plc has been listed on AIM since 2000 as an integrated financial services company for investors, coupled with significant scale in terms of distribution through financial advisers and wealth managers and its fully diversified business model.

As one of the UK’s largest autonomous financial advice and wealth management groups, Lighthouse provides a comprehensive range of services to businesses and individuals and is retained by most of the major trades unions and other affinity groups to advise their combined memberships of over 6 million members.

The Group aims to increase its relationships with, and the benefits it derives from, its relationships with affinity groups and professional partners.
In addition to a wide range of financial advice, the Group has developed innovative products to meet the specific needs of its retail and corporate customers in the asset management and workplace solutions sectors.