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Gifts with added benefits

26th February 2018
Did you know that when you help your family financially you could also be reducing the inheritance tax…

Inflation and the £ in your pocket or savings account

26th February 2018
Between Jan 2015 and Jan 2018 average inflation was 2.44% per year. This means that, on average, prices…

Finding a “nISA” home for your savings

26th February 2018
ISAs are an increasingly popular form of savings plan, because they give your money the potential to grow…

Malcolm Streatfield talks to DirectorsTalk: 2017 Results

23rd February 2018
Lighthouse Group Plc (LON:LGT) CEO Malcolm Streatfield talks to DirectorsTalk about the strong set of results for 2017…

Tax-free savings for everyone!

1st February 2018
While the super-rich may move money offshore to try to save tax, you don’t have to. The government…

Struggling with auto-enrolment? Lighthouse can help.

2nd August 2017
Lighthouse Group plc (“Lighthouse” or the “Group”), the national financial advisory group with 21 affinity relationships representing more…