Tax-efficient investments for everyone!

At last, investment funds that provide people in all walks of life with a better way to invest for their future – and they are available as tax-efficient ISAs. For most people, assembling an investment portfolio is not something they would feel confident doing on their own, and if they did it would probably be time- consuming and risky. And few people want to risk their hard- earned money. Yet high quality investment funds should be available to everyone, not just the very wealthy or people with financial knowledge and experience of investing.

That is where Luceo Asset Management comes in. Luceo gives people from all walks of life access to investments made to suit their needs. The Luceo funds are specifically designed to help you achieve your financial goals – and with the help of your financial adviser you choose the level of risk you are prepared and able to take.

Spreading the risk within a single fund Placing your money in a Luceo fund enables you to gain access to high levels of investment management expertise. Each is made up of a diverse selection of investment funds (known as a fund of funds), giving you instant access to a wide range of high quality investments managed by the most capable managers, all within a single Luceo fund. Save from just £100 a month You don’t need much to start saving. Regular monthly savings start from £100 and the minimum lump sum investment is £1,000.

Make your savings more tax-efficient

Luceo funds are available as ISAs. Your annual ISA allowance runs out on April 5 (the end of the current tax year), so it is a question of use it or lose it. This tax year you can put up to £15,240 in an ISA, and there won’t be any tax to pay on any income or growth when you take your money out.

The Luceo fund managers manage each fund with the aim of keeping it within a defined risk range and generating consistent returns, which should ensure that your investments perform in line with your expectations.

Important information
Tax advice which contains no investment element is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested.